Pest Control Tips from the Pros – Before you Move

Planning on Moving? Use These Tips For Treating Pests

Pest Control Tips from the Pros

If you have recently purchased your dream home, you are probably excited about moving in. In fact, even though there may be a lot of work ahead, you are anxious about putting everything in order. However, before you begin moving all of your family’s possessions in, you should make sure that your home is pest proof first. According to the top professionals in the pest control industry today, this is the best time to eliminate the potential for pest control problems and concerns. Local exterminators like NO1 Pest Control Brisbane provide all their customers with helpful advice after every treatment. Here are 5 great tips from them that can assist you with slamming the door on any of these unwanted guests.

1. Change Out the Exterior Lights

Based on your preferences, you may want to start on the outside, and then work your way into the home. For instance, to reduce the attractiveness of your home to these little predators, you should replace all of your mercury vapor bulbs with sodium bulbs. By making this change, you can reduce the number of insects (i.e. spiders, bats etc.) in these areas. For more invaluable information on these recommendations, you should visit

2. Eliminate Possible Insect Infestations from the Property

In addition to replacing light bulbs that draw pests to your door, your next step may be looking for places on the property that fosters their presence. For instance, if you do not want them to have a place to stay comfortably, you get rid of the places where they thrive best. Here’s are some of the most common places that you should inspect and take action.

  • Gutters. Clean out the gutters and keep them free from leaves and other debris.
  • Soil. The proper grading of soil and its maintenance is essential to ensuring the water moves away from the home’s foundation.
  • Foundation. Seal cracks in the foundation so that they have no entry into the home available.

It is also important to note that these preemptive actions are not only beneficial for eliminating problems on the front end, but also improving the overall health of the home.

3. Before You Move In Special Instructions

Cleaning out areas on the outside of the home to eliminate these problems is a great idea for taking care of the outside. Also, before you move into the home to address other areas of exposure, you may want to use this special trick to keep insects and ants away. There are other ways to control bugs around the home without using bug spray or any other chemical. For instance, some professionals in the pest control industry may recommend Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) to you. This is because Rosemary is a popular herb that gardeners prefer to use in order to fight off various kinds of pests including the following:

  • Ants
  • Mosquitos
  • Fleas
  • Flies

Rosemary takes care of these insects without chemicals because these insects are simply repelled by its smell. Therefore, if you want to make a safe proof place for a pest free environment, you can place them in plants or strategically around the border of the home’s patio.

 4. Store Food in Plastic Containers

When organizing your home, you may want to get lots of plaster containers, especially for your kitchen. Because rodents are other pests are attracted to any food that is not stored away properly, you should make sure every shelf item has a container. These containers will not only keep everything organized and freshly put away, it eliminates the need for rodents to sniff around for their meals too.

5. Checks Plumbing for Leakages

Because insects like to make their home in moisture places, you should check leaks in the plumbing for problems prior to pest control problems begin to occur.

Before you move into your new dream home, you should take time to assess the property for potential pest control problems that can be addressed right away. From replacing the light bulbs on the outside of the home to preventing unnecessary attraction of insects to the home, these are examples of what can be done to completely eliminate pest control problems now as well as in the future.

We hope these tips were helpfiul. What other helpful tips do you use when planning to move?