Ultimate Moving House Checklist – [Infographic]

Moving from one house to another may be an uphill task especially if the prior preparations are not appropriately done. This is so because there are numerous activities that must be taken care of before, during and after the moving date. In most instances, this activities range from notifying the relevant service providers to the initial packaging of all the items that need to be moved. However, proper preparation makes moving quick and easy than expected with minimum or no damages of the items being moved.

This infographic provides a list of twenty items that must be included in a moving checklist.

Moving House Checklist Infographic

1. Inform all the relevant parties

The first and the most important step to take in preparation for moving is to inform all the relevant parties in order to get ready for any transfers that may require to be done. These suppliers include; the gas provider, electricity company, internet and TV provider, the bank, insurance company, security company as well as any other that is applicable. In addition, one must also notify the landlord and the employer so as to get a day off.

2. Book the most suitable removal company

The next step should be to source for the most suitable moving company which should be done three weeks to the moving date so as to be assured of safety of all the items to be moved.

3. Identify all items that need to be moved

This is done some weeks before to ensure that nothing important is left behind and unnecessary items are not carried in to the new house.

4. Procure the necessary packing materials

Ensure that all the packing materials are made available well in advance

5. Arrange for appropriate packing

Start parking less frequently used items two weeks to the moving date so as to make work easy on the moving date.

6. Arrange for apartment inspection by the landlord

Talk to the landlord and arrange for an inspection date to ensure that the house is in good order before leaving.

7. Ensure necessary services are in place in the new house

Talk to the new service providers to make arrangements of supplying all the necessary service prior to the moving date.

8. Call the moving company to confirm the moving date

One week to the moving date, talk to the moving company to confirm the prior agreement and make any necessary amendments.

9. Ensure there is enough money for petty and moving expenses

Two days to the moving date,have the credit card or cash money ready for any expense that may need to be taken care of as well as payment for the moving company.

10. Empty the refrigerator and allow it to unfreeze

A day before the moving date, ensure that the refrigerator is empty and unplugged from the power socket so as to defrost for ease of moving.

11. Put all the items to be moved in the appropriate boxes

On the material moving date put all the remaining items in the appropriate boxes ensuring nothing important is left behind. Additionally, one should return any borrowed items.

12. Label all the boxes

Ensure that all boxes are well labelled with clear indications of the delicate items and the side that should be held upward for each box.

13. Put all the items in the moving vehicle.

Check to ensure that no items are left out while loading items on the vehicle.Check in the wardrobes as well as shelves for any item that may have been left out. Kitchen items should come last since they are delicate and would be moved out first.

14. Take care of the pets and the children

Make the necessary arrangements on who to take care of the pets and the children during the moving process. Have someone watch over them on the moving date.

15. Ensure there is a signed document detailing the inventory list

Before the moving company proceeds to the new house, ensure that there is a signed document that clearly details the inventory list for security purposes.

16. Switch off electrical sockets,water taps and gas appliances

Before leaving the house make sure that all the power sockets,water taps and gas appliances are switched off.

17. Hand over all the keys to relevant party

After removal of all items, lock the house and hand over the keys to the relevant party.

18. Supervise off the loading process

On arrival in to the new house, supervise the off loading process checking all against the items’ moving checklist in order to make sure that all items have been transported safely.

19. Unpacking and arrangement of the new house

The moving company will lend a hand in this if it was part of agreement. On the contrary, one needs to make separate arrangements.

20. Arrange the payment mode with the moving company

Clear any outstanding balances with the moving company as per the prior agreement.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, ones the moving process is complete, its time to settle down and enjoy the ambience and serenity of the new house. However, this can only occur after all items have been moved safely following the laid down moving checklist. Additionally, all payments must be completed as agreed with the moving company and the new service providers.