How Much Do Removalists Cost?

Furniture Removals Costs In Australia

Moving Costs

Are you searching for the cost of removalists? We have put together a complete cost guide to help you plan for your move.

There are many factors to consider when hiring a moving company, with price being one of the most important factors. Although there are other things to consider it seems the cost is high on everyone s agenda, understandably so. With all the other expenses that go with moving, it is understandable you want to save money where you can.

Different companies will of course have varying prices. In this article, we use industry averages to create estimated price ranges for different services. If you want the most accurate estimate of how much you will be charged, it is best to request a quote from at least 3 furniture removal companies in your local area.

Hiring a professional moving company has many advantages.

  • It ensures safety of everyone involved and the items being moved. Moving companies use staff that are trained and experienced, there is less risk of injuries and damages. This is especially important for heavy, fragile or expensive furniture.
  • It ensures that moving is complete in the shortest time possible. They drive trucks everyday and know the roads well.
  • It gives you peace of mind knowing that your furniture is well and safely taken care of by well-experienced professionals.


When you are looking for removalists Brisbane there are many options with over 380 moving companies in the area. With the industry being so competitive it gives you a  great opportunity to negotiate prices. But remember your decision shouldn’t be focused on price alone. Always check reviews, company history and insurance options before making a decision.

Pricing Structures

The removalists cost generally comes in two main ways; hourly or fixed (flat) rate. Many movers prefer to choose the hourly option as it is hard to estimate times for packing furniture. So if you are looking for a fixed rate for the entire project, you need to find a specific company that offers it.

Whichever pricing method is applied, there are several aspects considered in coming up with the final fixed price or hourly charge.

  • The size and number of items involved

Moving a single piano is likely to cost much less than moving a whole house of furniture. The more the things to be moved the higher the price, especially if you are being charged a flat rate.

  • The number of men needed for the project

In most cases, two removalists are assigned each moving project. If the things to be moved are many or very heavy, extra hands may be required. This comes with extra costs.

  • Distance

In terms of distance, moving is often classified as interstate or local. As you can guess, moving local is cheaper compared to interstate moving.

  • Type and value of items being moved

Things get a bit more complicated, and expensive, when you have pets to move. The special handling required often attracts more charges. The same is the case when you are moving valuable items such as expensive art, a piano, a heavy billiards table and fragile items.

  • Extra services provided

Some companies that provide extra services such as cleaning, provision of packing materials, packing, unpacking and storage may have extra charges.

Requesting free quotes from several companies provides a clearer view of how much you are likely to spend. This way, you can budget more accurately. It is also important to check policies for specific removals. Some charge extra fees if there is a delay in the moving process.

Hourly Rates – $60 – $160

In hourly charges, any extra manpower above the standard two men come at an hourly rate between $35 & $45.

Some companies also charge additional “transport costs”. These mostly kick in when interstate moves are required. In this instance a fixed cost schedule would be used.

As a general rule, after the first hour companies charge in increments of 15 minutes (around $20-$40 per 15 minutes). This ensures that customers do not pay for an extra whole hour of which only a portion is used.

  • 1 Man 1 Truck – between $60 and $100. One man doing the loading and unloading services and one truck being used.
  • 2 Men 1 Truck – between $120 and $160. Some high end removalists can charge as high as $200. This is the standard option for many furniture removal companies. It means 2 men doing all the work and one truck used for transportation.

Fixed Costs – $250 – $700

Fixed Cost – starting from $250 and going up to around $700 depending on the factors mentioned above.

Note interstate removals prices are considerably higher due to the time involved. Always get a written quote for larger jobs.

How To Choose A Good Furniture Removalist

How To Choose A Good Mover

The first step is to research and shortlist at-least five companies in your area.

  1. Ask your friends and family for recommendations.
  2. Go online and read reviews.
  3. Check their service offerings.
  4. Do they have a good reputation?
  5. How long have they been in business?

Also check whether the company is accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association. Once you have made your selection make contact with them and start comparing the prices. Choose the company that suits your budget and has a good track record.

Wrap Up

Moving house is a lot of work. Doing it alone would be time consuming, tiring and possibly dangerous. Removalists are trained experts and help take the stress out moving day. Try to remember that the cost alone should not be the deciding factor.

Article Published by Peter Howie