Homeowners Guide To Australian Cockroaches

Interesting Facts About Australian Cockroach

Common household cockroach
When moving house we often come across lots of cockroaches. So we thought it would be help to explore more about these little  pests. We hope you find this enjoyable.
Ever wandered into the kitchen and got surprised by un-invited guests scampering for safety or letting themselves into tiny spaces? Cockroaches have been in existence for many years. In the world there are almost over 4,000 different species. In Australia there are over 450 cockroach species. The Australian cockroaches, which are part of the tropical cockroach species are common in Australia. Their scientific name is Periplanetaaustralasiae. They can grow up to 23-35 mm in length.  They live most of the time outdoors but occasionally can be found indoors (peridomestic). The Sydney pest control professionals have shared with us some interesting facts about these tiny insects.  Let’s explore them further below.

How to Identify Australian Cockroach?

The Australian cockroach is brown in color with the tegmina having a distinct lateral pale stripe. It’s head shield which is known as pronotum has a distinct sharp yellow or pale margin. They also have wings. Through a glimpse, you can easily mistake it for American cockroach. They have similarities in appearance. The distinctive feature between the two is that the Australian cockroach is slightly smaller and has got a yellow stripe on its thorax and yellow streaks on its sides adjacent to the wing base.

Where are they found?

They like warm temperatures. Therefore, explaining their occasional indoor nature. They prefer to live inside homes during cold seasons. They normally hide around building perimeters. This particular species can be found in tropical parts of Australia. They have also been found along the east coast of Australia from Cape York to the Victorian border.

Feeding habits

These pests do have different feeding habits from other species. They are fond of eating plants but because they are scavengers, they can feed on a wide array of organic matter.
They get indoors to search for food and even to make it their habitat. However, during warm weather they may move outdoors into buildings in search of food.

When are they most active?

Australian cockroaches are very active in humid warm weather. They prefer to live in heated areas.  Like their relatives, Australian cockroaches are nocturnal. They hide during the day and come out at night to search for food. These pests are attracted by light such that when lights are on they gather outside of homes. They then move in through tiny cracks or openings. Australian cockroaches normally hide at the back of tree barks, under bushes, woodpiles, mulch, garden beds etc.

Habits of Cockroaches

Are Australian cockroaches a concern?

Australian cockroaches should be of great concern. They are very dangerous due to a number of reasons. These reasons include;

  • Australian Cockroaches shed skins and excrement
    causing allergy to young children, people with underlying problems or low immune, and the elderly.
  • They contaminate food and surfaces. They carry excrement, bacteria, parasites, and pathogens.Not forgetting to mention that they live in unpleasant places.
  • Australian cockroaches can cause damage to the plants. As they sometimes inhabit greenhouses to enjoy the warm, humid temperatures inside.
  • Cockroaches produce allergens. The allergens are bad for people suffering from asthma. It makes people to sneeze and have trouble to breathing.


How to manage Australian cockroaches?

Australian cockroaches are annoying pests for homeowners. If the conditions are of their liking, or the homes are pleasant to the cockroaches they will easily make it their habitat. However, you can also as easily get rid of them by using appropriate treatment. Knowing the type of cockroach you are dealing with is beneficial in choosing the treatment type.
Some of the control measures you can take are:

  • Wash dishes and put them away after meals
  • Clean crumbs and spills immediately
  •  Do not accumulate garbage
  • Wiping the stove thoroughly after use
  •  Cleaning the floor on regular basis
  • Use boric acid to clean
  • Call a licensed exterminator
  • Repair broken doors, holes and windows
  • Seal any cracks to prevent them from entering the house


As a homeowner, this guide will assist you to identify and know how to control Australian cockroaches. You should not allow them to invade your property. These actions therefore act as a good defense mechanism.